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A claim about false prophet (topic)
A missionary is claiming that prophets can add/subtract to the Torah because they are no examples in the Tanakh of an false prophet condemned adding or subtracting to Torah but were only condemn for advocating for Idol worship or giving...
Counter-Missionary Forum

Hebrew wander

Sun, 28-May-17 18:20:04
How come the prophets didn't get it? (topic)
If the messianic prophecies reported by Christians were indeed factual and a person without any preconceived notions can read the books of the prophets and can at the very least come to the conclusion that people need to believe in the...
Counter-Missionary Forum

Hebrew wander

Sun, 28-May-17 18:17:27
Isaiah 6:7 question (topic)
Couldn't an missionary argue the passage of Isaiah 6:7 is being used to refer to an eventually future atonement versus a then present bloodless atonement during Isaiah's time due to the usage of the word shall presented in the passage if...
Counter-Missionary Forum

Hebrew wander

Thu, 13-Aug-15 17:08:46
Exodus 22 (topic)
According to Exodus 22:20 which states that if a person sacrifices to any gods/beings/deities/things besides Hashem said Jew or Jews are to be destroyed. So next time a missionary wants to tell you about the J-man greatness ask the...
Counter-Missionary Forum

Hebrew wander

Thu, 12-Dec-13 02:13:06
Refuting Restoreers of Zion  (topic)
There's an missionary website called the restorers of Zion and I would like help in refuting some of their claims.1. That Rambam was the one who came up with the idea of unbroken Torah submission even though such an idea is...
Counter-Missionary Forum

Hebrew wander

Fri, 8-Mar-13 21:57:31