UriYosef wrote:

DPS wrote:... the difference between the mitzri/notzri and the Jews is that the Jews slaughter the lamb as an act of rejection in contrast to accepting it and worshipping it.

DPS, There are still other significant differences.  For example, as the last act prior to the Exodus, the Jews were ordered to roast the slaughtered lamb and eat it.  No CT equivalent action w.r.t. its so-called "paschal lamb" Yeshu.  Another is that whatever of the roasted lamb was left over had to be burnt and disposed.  No CT equivalent there either.


true... though roasting it had to do with the smell, so the egyptians would smell thier gods cooking, another act of mocking and insulting them and thier gods.

burying it before dawn, which means we must erase the memory of jesus who is the paschal lamb before the dawn of salvation as Jacob wrestled with the angel of esau and christianity until dawn.