Rules for the Dealing with Islam Forum

1. Treat others with respect. Posts that are deemed otherwise will be edited if possible or removed without explanation.

2. This is a counter-missionary forum. Discussions here must relate to countering deceptive missionary tactics of primarily the Muslim religion.

3. Non-Jews are free to ask questions about Judaism but non-Jews attempting to teach Judaism will have their posts edited or removed. Such posts are misleading.  This includes using the Koran or other Muslim sources to "disprove" Judaism by claiming the Torah or T'nach is corrupt.

4. Posts insulting Judaism, Jewish sages, Jewish teachings, etc. will be edited and / or deleted. Such insults may result in a suspension or even banning from participation on the Messiah Truth board.

5. Discussions about Jewish denominations are inappropriate. Take them offline.

6. Any posts containing statements asking for donations or speaking of financially difficulties which infer that donations should be sent to individuals willl be edited or deleted.

7. Polls are not allowed and will be deleted (they simply side track the forum and accomplish nothing).

8. Links to Muslim and other inappropriate religious sites are not allowed. One may allude to (give hints) them so others may try and find them on their own.  (e.g., on the XYZ website such and such is claimed. . .).

9. Excessive posting from the Koran or other non-Jewish sources is not allowed (it is proselytizing). Again one may reference them, but not excessively paste them into posts.   This includes excessive pasting of articles or news reports (as this could be a copyright infringement).

10. Proselytizing is not allowed. Explaining the Muslim (or other religion) position may be allowed if it does not result in evangelizing. Evangelical posts will be either edited or deleted.

11. Personal attacks on other posters (including moderators) is not allowed (see rule #1). Such posts will be edited or deleted and if continued may result in the banning of the poster.

12. Attempts to "hijack" topics via diversionary tactics, such as infusion of off-topic ideas and issues, are not premitted. Moderators will edit or delete such posts as deemed necessary.

13. Spamming (excessive posting or flooding the forum) will result in posts being edited or deleted.

14. Constant repetition by the same posters on the same topic that has already been answered multiple times will result in the post's deletion and possibly the thread's deletion.

15. Any anti-semitic comments will be deleted and the poster subject to banning

16. Posts regarding the Israeli / Arab conflict or any other political posts (American politics, French, UK, etc.) are inappropriate as this is a forum dedicated to Jewish education and not political debate.

17. Do not us multiple identities to post.

18. Do not use advertisements or provide links to business services for sale.

19.  Anti-Israel or anti-Jewish diatribes will not be tolerated and will result in posts being heavily edited, deleted and possible banning from the forum.

This list may be changed from time to time.    Remember that Messiah Truth is a teaching forum.  If Muslims have questions about Judaism as it relates to Islam, this is the right place to ask them.  

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